• Personal sculpture commissions are undertaken and produced within eight weeks or as negotiated.
  • Three sittings are generally required for completion.
  • The process begins with the first sitting taking for no more than an hour, where basic measurements are taken and applied to a simple graphic sketch. During this sitting, we will discuss preferences and expectations for the final production and numerous photographs will be taken.
  • Favoured historical photographs will help to attain a true reflection of the ‘soul’ and character of the subject, so bring as many as you think may be of value.
  • An armature is made in accordance with the ‘pose’ of the bust or figure, and an elementary form is modelled in a wax/clay composite to achieve the true basic proportions.
  • The second sitting is called for when I am ready to apply detail. (allow 1-2weeks) This sitting should not take longer than 45 minutes. Minor changes will be made to the basic model in situ with the subject and if required, further photographs will be taken.
  • Detail will now be rendered to capture mood and character.
  • The third and final sitting will be required before committing the art piece to mould. Client will be able to scrutinize and debate the details so that any ‘tweaks’ or compromises can be realised before the model is layered in silicone for reproduction.
  • Once the mould is complete, a ‘Jesmonite’ casting is produced. This is an extremely durable and environmentally friendly material.
  • If desired, a wax hollow shell moulding can be produced to be used for the creation of a genuine bronze metal casting using the lost wax process in a specialised foundry. (this will require additional time dependant on work load and lead time of a preferred specialised art foundry). The finished bronze casting is then returned to my studio for finishing.
  • Patina is then applied to the desired effect, this portion of the sculpture is an art form in itself in which knowledge of material properties coincide with artistic interpretation, ‘breathing life’.
  • A suitable mounting or plinth for display can be commissioned to suit.

The wax to mould process …