Conservation and Art

I have always had a deep desire to learn and to explore all things great and small.  As a young child growing up in industrial surroundings, I yearned for a cleaner, unspoiled environment and sought out the open spaces in the neighbourhood.  These I explored thoroughly on hands and knees, in the dust, searching in crevices and under rocks for any little jewel of life. This kept me away from what seemed to me mundane children’s games and material things.  I’ve never needed much, just to be free to explore the remnants of the natural environments around me.

My explorations of the remaining wild areas of the city became more serious as I observed the inevitable encroachment of the built environment into them.  Before every building site clearance, I went ahead urgently collecting, saving and relocating anything of value. I believe that everything deserves the right to live – and have been a conservationist at heart for all of my life.

I draw inspiration from my many hours in the South African veld experiencing the cacophony of smells and sounds.  Africa enthralls me and thrills my senses, from the dank wetness of rotting undergrowth to the high shrill call of cicadas as the sun rises to the heat of the day.

Inspired by Mother Nature and the people who protect her, I strive to portray the beauty of the people and the planet that coincide to form a sustainable existence. Their work and mine is to change the mindset of those who live on the planet.

It’s a story I feel compelled to tell.  Let’s expose the destruction, go back to the basics of preservation and realise that the earth is on loan to us in our short lifetimes.  We don’t own it, it owns us.

This is sacred ground.